The Trump Borg

picard_as_locutusThe 2016 US Presidential Election is history and Donald J. Trump won! Many in the World did not “see” this coming and are now working through their shock.  A classmate told us to take a breath, well it took me 11,520 of them, 24 hours worth, to process my initial conscious shock. And now I begin seeing that my unconscious was not only preparing me for what was to happen but is now helping me comprehend and most interestingly anticipate what might be unfolding. In using Jungian dream analysis (Jung: Dreams; Maloney: Meaning in dreams and dreaming) analyzing a series of dreams is important. Here is a peek into the flow of my dreams now unfolding with only an initial amplification from YouTube clips. The process of amplifying these dreams had already begun with my past Dialectic Analytical Man Blog posts listed here, however, still deeper amplification is needed and will emerge.

The lead for this post comes from Blog post The Fool and The Magician which stated:

It explains how The Fool is the zero card and is guided by The Magician on his journey through the Major Arcana (greater secrets) or of all names the trump cards. So, here we have The Fool, Trump, being guided by A Magician moving systematically through the Arcana Cards on a Fool’s journey toward enlightenment, individuation, to The World – or in our investigation Trump’s journey to the presidency of the United States. May I suggest to really test our doors of perception, that we now lay-down the Major Arcana cards, then identify where Trump is on his Arcana Card journey, and then see if we can anticipate what is unfolding for The Donald, a Fool on his journey? It is important to remind ourselves that we are all Fools on a Journey guided by The Magician.

We are now beginning the process of Trump forming his Cabinet and everyone is trying to identify the Magician(s) helping Trump.  And what will the Trump Cabinet look like? Below are the previous DAMB postings on Donald Trump and then follows is my dream series.

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20161106 Dream: I was busy working with others on a quantitative computer model what was tracking the election. We had constructed several algorithm components simulating the election searching for insight into what was unfolding. Our model flags the state of North Carolina as a key state indicating the election’s outcome.

How algorithms shape our world – Kevin Slavin

20161110 Dream: I was taking videos/photos of an ancient Indian ceremony and realized that I had forgotten film to record the event and rushed to get it.

Dakota Access Pipeline Rally

Standing Rock: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere

Anonymous #NoDAPL North Dakota Access Pipeline

20161111 Dream: I was at the ending of a banquet celebrating the work we had done together. At the front of the room was a structure of cubes, pyramids, spheres, an interlaced structure twisting together that one could actually walk into. It was a matrix within a matrix symbolizing what the group had been working on. The conference was coming to an end, people were now gathering at the front to tumble-down the structure, which I did not approve of and stood back to observe. The structure falls off the stage onto the auditorium floor that seems to be in my Agassiz grade school auditorium. I am reminded of this Kalacharkra Mandala similar to what had been constructed.

20161112 Dream: I saw myself being pulled up and through a wormhole in the sky – into another reality. I saw this as a tornado funnel from the outside and thought about two movie scenes, 2001’s Stargate, which I saw in 1968 and Interstellar’s wormhole seen in 2015. What is on the other side of our election?

20161115 Dream: I woke up with an intense feeling of anxiety and anger at what the American system of democracy is subjecting us to – I am unhappy! “Seneca on Anger – Philosophy: A Guide to Happinessis a theme that began in the blog posting Cyclops Donald Trump – Amor Fati, where we looked at Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”  –  there he developed his views on “amor fati” adopted from Seneca.

20161118 Dream: The invisible hand concept of Adam Smith is thought. Noam Chomsky on Adam Smith & Invisible Hand is quite revealing and poses a challenge for us to carefully examine the economic thinking of those surrounding Trump. Does the team deeply understand the economics of globalization? What are we going to be watching for? It seems that for globalization to work we need to build bridges, not walls for capital and for labor to both freely move about. The biggest challenge to American jobs is coming not from globalization but from technology. We have got to get this correct, time in running out. I am concerned that Trump maybe constructing a Trump Borg that will turn on us all.

Noam Chomsky on Adam Smith

The Real Adam Smith: Ideas That Changed The World

“Published on Mar 28, 2016, The Real Adam Smith: A Personal Exploration by Johan Norberg, takes an intriguing, two-part look at Smith and the evolution and relevance of his ideas today, both economic and ethical. It’s difficult to imagine that a man who lived with horse-drawn carriages and sailing ships would foresee our massive 21st-century global market exchange, much less the relationship between markets and morality. But Adam Smith was no ordinary 18th-century figure. Considered the “father of modern economics,” Smith was first and foremost a moral philosopher. The revolutionary ideas he penned in The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, changed the world. Norberg explores Smith’s insights regarding free trade and the nature of wealth to the present, where they are thriving and driving the world’s economy. In the second hour, Ideas That Changed The World, Norberg traces Smith’s insights regarding the benefits of free trade and the nature of wealth to the present, where they are currently in operation. He talks with some of the most distinguished Adam Smith scholars, as well as leaders of some of the world’s most admired companies to discover how Smith’s ideas continue to be relevant and drive the global economy today” (Youtube).

Watching The Real Adam Smith confronts us with the enormity of global capitalism and deciding to turn this ship has to be carefully analyzed – is it the right decisions, many suggest that making correct decisions are now imperative and takes more thinking than can be gotten from leaving it to the market. The problems of global capitalism have been outlined and need to be more authentically placed under a microscope. Another classical economist writing 100 years after Smith is Karl Marx and despite the American fear of his ideas, he has an important microscopic lens we need to use. Richard Wolff presents insight into “how Capitalism is killing itself.”

Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff // Empire_File022

We are now watching Trump build this management team and are anxious that it may be  The Trump Borg? Seneca suggests we prepare for what is coming?

Trekspertise – A History of the Borg

20161122 Dream: Something jumped out at me. Yesterday, I received the current Nov. 28 / Dec 5 issue time The most influential Photos of all time plus A user’s guide to president Trump and fell asleep reading it. Then during the night I finished my re-reading Colin Wilson’s C.G. Jung – Lord of the underworld. I first started reading  this book December 22, 1988 three months after arriving in Bejing to teach and  finished reading it December 31, 1988 on New Year’s Eve. I have been searching these last few hours for what jumped at me and could not identify what it was. Then after brewing a pot of Taiwan coffee, I learned that Steve Bertoni has just published in Forbes his Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House. We have identified Trickster Trump’s Magician. However, what jumped out at me this morning is more significant!

I knew I needed to add a clip here of Colin’s many on YouTube and here I feel is what jumped out at me this morning. Colin ends his book on Jung stating, “Western man is in a position of a conductor who is unaware that he possesses an orchestra – or is only dimly and intermittently aware of it. Active imagination is a technique for becoming aware of the orchestra. This is ‘individuation‘. And it is clearly only a beginning. The next task is to develop a random collection of musicians into a great orchestra. This is the real task of the conductor. And this seems to be what Jung meant when he said, toward the end of his life, ‘Consciousnesses is the supreme arbiter'” (155). It is interesting that Wilson disagrees with Maslow in stating that one can bring about peak experiences – interesting project you think?

Colin Wilson on Peak Experience

What is now being discussed is the type of leader Trump will be – transactional, transformational or let’s explore – the synthetic leader. An early indication of Trump’s leadership and his depth will be his stand on the climate challenge facing Earth – his comprehension of what Robert Romanyshyn describes as the ‘Inner Journeys in the Outer World – Melting Polar Ice’. If Trump does not embrace the evidence of global warming and continues blaming it on the Chinese, I predict his legacy will be dismal!

Jung Platform presents Robert Romanyshyn ‘Inner Journeys in the Outer World – Melting Polar Ice’

Post Script

In a past blog post, I addressed my friend and colleague Leo’s economic views and then in the Cyclops Donald Trump – Amor Fati and Why Donald Trump won and what is real I posted some of Leo’s email responses to my posts. I realized that Leo in responding to my past posts is like one of the four blind persons touching an elephant and each reporting a different experience on what he believes is a real elephant. In reading Leo’s reactions I imagine he is the blind fellow hanging on to the elephant’s tail and is about to have a large turd fall on his head. Here is Leo Smith and Steve Marx talking economics – “No Leo I do not want to work for you! Here is a towel clean yourself up! How clean is your lake today? Now, time for a ‘peak experience’… Wow, it seems I am coming to understanding Colin’s suggestion – the absurd good news of “peaking at will”.

Leo Smith and Steve Marx talk economics

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  1. Michael DeMarco says:

    Like it. Change the “me” to “we” — in that world culture needs to go through a wormhole to a higher stage of consciouness, like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin noted from WWI trenches. Be optimistic! We’re still young! : )

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