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A New Depth Ethic

The investigation deepens by now looking into the topics of ethics and corporate social responsibility. Business schools began adding these interrelated topics to their curriculum in the 1960s and have been tinkering with their contents ever since. Harvard Business School … Continue reading

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American and Russian Shadow Projections

The news on Morning Joe (9.12.13) reported on New York Times op-ed by Vladimir Putin A Plea for Caution From Russia – What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria. We need to carefully read his op-ed, listen to … Continue reading

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Political, Legal, Technological Environments

Chapter two covers three key environments, political, legal, and technological environments. The beginning case is Google in China one of the major MNCs that is currently battling with Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and others for dominance in our newly flattened world … Continue reading

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Globalization and International Linkages

The book being used for our study of globalization begins with Environmental Foundation, which has three chapters, Globalization and International Linkages, The Political, Legal, and Technological Environment, and Ethics and Social Responsibility. Chapter 1 Globalization and International Linkages builds on … Continue reading

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A mystery a foot

I have been away from blogging and plan to re-enter the blog-sphere continuing to blog my way through Lao Zi’s Dao de ChingĀ  and now through the course Cross Cultural Management that i am facilitating at Concordia College’s Offutt Business … Continue reading

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