How Did Vladimir Putin Rise to Power? How Will He Maintain Power? What Is the Will to Power?

Oliver Stone’s work needs to be reviewed again! It is becoming clear that the US misread history in the past and should we assume it is still misreading history, NOW, in its making. We will attempt to psychoanalyze the Will to Power.

Part 1: Oliver Stone Interviews Putin on U.S.-Russia Relations, 2016 Election, Snowden & NATO

Part 2: Oliver Stone Interviews Putin on U.S.-Russia Relations, 2016 Election, Snowden & NATO

The Putin Files: Julia Loffe

Putin’s Road to War: Julia Ioffe (interview) | FRONTLINE

As we listen to these programs on Vladimir Putin, we begin assembling a psychoanalytical framework with which to approach his need for power.

The Will to Power (GermanDer Wille zur Macht) is a book of notes drawn from the literary remains (or Nachlass) of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche by his sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche and Peter Gast (Heinrich Köselitz). The title derived from a work that Nietzsche himself had considered writing. The work was first translated into English by Anthony M. Ludovici in 1910, and it has since seen several other translations and publications (Wikipedia).

The Will to Power by Nietzsche

The will to power is one of the most fundamental concepts in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. It is also one of his most complex concepts as it was never systematically defined in his works, leaving its interpretation open to debate. The central point revolves around gaining power over oneself, not others. It is the expression of self-overcoming, becoming who you truly are. This video intends to shed light on this concept, tracing all the way back from his psychological insights of the “desire for power” to the conception of “will to power”, as well as its relationship with the “will to existence”, “will to live” and “will to truth”. We will be focusing on what Nietzsche actually wrote and published himself during his active years. We will be making some references to his posthumously published notes (The Will to Power) where it is appropriate.

⌛ Timestamps

0:00 Introduction
2:07 Desire for Power: A Psychological Insight
5:37 The Origin of the “Will to Power”
7:18 Will to Power and Self-overcoming
8:57 Will to Power and Sublimation
10:24 Will to Power as Dualistic
11:10 Will to Power vs Will to Existence (Nietzsche contra Darwin)
13:55 Will to Power vs Will to Live (Nietzsche contra Schopenhauer)
15:49 Will to Power vs Will to Truth (Nietzsche contra Philosophers)
16:56 Will to Power and Metaphysics
20:44 Conclusion

We will now take some time to amplify what we have just read/viewed and begin a psychoanalytical analysis of Vladimir Putin.

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