Black Swan Trump

A previous DAMBlog Trump Ode to Joy, examined how Beethoven’s Ode to Joy has been used by central-control, authoritarian, leaders to represent their regimes – the suggestion is that we watch to see if Trump makes use this Beethoven’s music to celebrate his presidency. Many of the Blog entries going back over the last year have been about Trump and have his name in the title – they apply a learning theory to experiences life, reflect on it, apply theory, and actively write. We now see that our collective American experience will be daily our reality show to study.

In the Trump Ode to Joy Blog, Collin Wilson begins describing how to track one’s physic energy and manage it. This is important because the loss of physic energy can be dangerous and if we are not careful, destructive. The Ode essay has thematic music from Leonard Cohen and David Bowe and ends with Erich Fromm’s Psychology of Nationalism (1962) that we will be dive into going forward. All of the previous DAMBlogs are now part of our theoretical element in our learning approach of examining the complexity of globalization.

The rise of nationalism is a world-wide concern and understanding its psychology will be a prime interest! Trump with his nationalistic stance is a Black Swan Event as written about by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book, The Black Swan. A black swan event is an event that most people missed coming which retrospectively is predicable. Examine the polling and commentary before the November 8th vote – few saw Trump winning, including V. Putin. However, afterwards we more clearly see what unfolded and this is what Taleb present in his book! His understanding is important because there are black swan events on the way and we need to see them coming.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb on What is a “Black Swan?”

I received Taleb’s book from family for a 2015 xmas present and began then to study it. When Trump was elected, the blog entry Trump Black Swan immediately began to unfold. Taleb’s thesis is very engaging and will begin to be addressed in this entry! In Taleb’s prolog he outlines a “chapters map” and writes: “The sequence of this book follows a simple logic; it flows from what can be labeled purely literary (in subject, and treatment) to what can be deemed entirely scientific (in subject, though not in treatment).  Psychology will be mostly presented in Part One [nine chapters] and in the early part to Part Two; business and natural science will be dealt with mostly in the second half of Part Two and in Part Three.  Part One, “Unberto Eco’s Antilibrary,” is mostly about how we perceive historical and current events and what distortions are present in such perceptions. Part Two, ‘We just Can’t Predict,” is about our errors in dealing with the future and the unadvertised limitation of some ‘sciences’ – and what to do about these limitations. Part Three, ‘Those Gray Swans of Etremistan,’ goes deeper into the topic of extreme events, explains how the bell curve (that great intellectual fraud) is generated, and reviews the ideas in the natural and social science loosely lumped under the label ‘complexity.’ Part Four, ‘The End,’ will be short.” Taleb’s end chapter “Amor Fati: How to become indestructible” has already been addressed in the DAMBlog Cyclops Trump Amor Fait. Taleb’s theoretical framework will continue unfolding as we examine the Trump Black Swan phenomenon going forward and below Taleb presents his The Black Swan idea.

Nassim Taleb – “The Black Swan”

I want to relate an experience I had with a black swan on December 28, 2016 as I drove to Minneapolis. I stopped in Alexandria for lunch and took the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper to the table, turned it seems directly to the article A black swan, too far from home, met its end on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, which is about a black swan that died when the ice formed on Lake Harriet. Bird watchers and the Wild Life Department had noticed the swan and were discussing attempts to rescue the bird from the danger of dying in very cold weather. Saving the black swan was dangerous and in the mean time the swan disappeared most likely freezing and sinking in the lake.

I was working on this blog entry and thought as I was reading this news that a synchronistic experience had occurred. Carl Jung proposes the idea of synchronicity to complement the idea of cause and effect and it is about the meanings of what appears to underlie certain events. It now appears that Trump A Black Swan may be in danger of freezing to death. We will now be recording Trumps news conferences as he freezes himself to death. Aziz’s C. G. Jung’s Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity is a detailed understanding of synchronicity and these clips present how it operates.

Synchronicity – Carl Jung

CG Jung on Synchronicity (Lecture by Stephan Hoeller)

Synchronicity & Signs from the Universe – with Robert Perry – Interview #45

Synchronicity On the Spectrum of Mind and Matter

1/12/2017 11:27 AM   I am now watching the hearings for Defense and the CIA directors. An issue that needs doing is to study the team that Trump assembles. Here is another clip with Nassim on this ideas. What is important to note is in his analysis of Capitalism is its propensity for failure. We will return to in a later blog entry.

Nassim Taleb Talks Antifragile, Libertarianism, and Capitalism’s Genius for Failure

End Note
: The video clip :”Synchronicity On the Spectrum of Mind and Matter” was Published on Apr 12, 2014 and here are the notes accompanying it.

“I have no doubt that the placing side by side of the points of view of a physicist and a psychologist will also prove to be a form of reflection.” Wolfgang Pauli

“Since physicists are the only people nowadays who would be able to deal with such a concept successfully, it is from a physicist that I hope to meet with critical understanding, although…the empirical basis seems to lie wholly in the realm of psychic phenomena.”
C. G. Jung

The concept of synchronicity was developed by the Nobel Laureate quantum physicist, Wolfgang Pauli and the Swiss psychiatrist C. Jung in the middle of the twentieth century. It stressed the empirical fact of meaningful coincidence—a special sense of coincidence of two or more causally unrelated events which have the same or similar meaning. Synchronistic phenomena cannot in principle be associated with conceptions of causality, and thus the interconnection of meaningful coincident factors must be thought of as acausal. While such occurrences are improbable from the perspective of causality, they are not infrequent. How may such phenomena be noted and approached today? Both physics and psychology explore mind on a continuum with matter, and so operate at the conjunctions of the mental and material. As an emergent meeting in the No-Time of fundamental physics and the tensed Time of daily life, synchronicity moves toward meaning at intersections of the objective and subjective, met both in our experimental sciences and in our felt registers of experience.


Harald Atmanspacher
Physicist, The Collegium Helveticum (ETH Zurich, Switzerland); Privatdozent for theoretical physics, University of Potsdam; Faculty, Parmenides Foundation Munich and the Zurich C.G. Jung Institute

Joseph Cambray
Jungian Analyst; past President of the International Association of Analytical Psychology

Edgar Choueiri
Professor of Applied Physics, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Associated Faculty, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Program in Plasma Physics, Princeton University

Farzad Mahootian
Faculty of Liberal Studies, New York University; affiliated scholar, Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes, Arizona State University

Beverley Zabriskie
Jungian Analyst, a founding faculty member and past President of New York’s Jungian Psychoanalytic Association


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