Air Kiss of Death

The Republican Party has completed the 3rd day of its convention and it continues to unfold as a TV reality show conforming to the design of “trickster Trump”. Each day has produced “unexpected events” that the media is grappling with on the morning-after-news. After day 1 it was Mrs. Trump’s plagiarism, after day 2 it was the “darkness”, after day 3 it was Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump and Trump’s air-kiss of Pence, and now we  wait to see what we will wake-up to after this evening’s event – got you sitting on the edge does it, just like a  1950s soap show. All of this is upsetting to the mainstream media as Donald continues his domination of media coverage, which has been referred to as a “black swan event”.

In watching this unfold, there have been passing comments in the news coverage that have not and really cannot be deeply examined by the TV media coverage we have. One is Carl Jung’s Archetype the Trickster; another is Collin Wilson’s book The Outsider, where Wilson explores the “psyche” of the “outsider archetype” through the lives of many famous personality’s effect on society and visa versa. And then there is Nassim Taleb’s book “The Black Swan”, which can be applied to Trump and this convention as an unexpected black-swan events

Each of these ideas can be applied to Trump in an effort to uncover the real Donald Trump – will the real Donald Trump please stand-up? Tonight we should get a closer look at the “real Trump” as an outsider, a black swan event, and the trickster. What is of real concern is the kind of kool-aid to be served and will it be “a kiss of air-death”.

Kool-Aid Served

Trump’s air Kiss

How to air kiss

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