Dark Knight Rising

The Republican Party’s convention is over and Trump’s speech is now being assessed on the Morning Joe Show. What is being discussed is that Trump is “offering himself as the solution” to the problems he sees the U.S. mired in. This analysis and the clips played this morning support the thought that Trump sees himself as a “billionaire vigilante” flying in his Bat-helicopter to rescue of U.S. from overwhelming darkness. Trump sees himself as a dark knight rising.

Dark Knight Rising

Trump’s speech can also be viewed as reflecting a dictator complex, by stating that, “When I take the oath of office next year, I will remove crime from our streets” – how, of course, is a concern! We are reminded of the great dictator speech that has been fact-checked against Trump’s with startling similarities. How do you compare speeches?

The Great Dictator Speech – Charlie Chaplin

In watching re-plays of Trump’s acceptance speech, one sees the central concern – that in offering himself as the solution to problems, Trump’s campaign comes down to his personality. The US electorate is being asked to put its faith in Father Trump, as he says “I am our voice” and “…in this race for the White House, I am the law and order candidate. No one knows the system better than me. [Grinning] Which is why, I alone, can fix it.” Donald through sheer will-power will change global capitalism (1616-present), which has been “exploiting & alienating” men and women for over 400 years – each year more effectively & efficiently. What do you think? Sounding like Marx & Engels Communist Manifesto?  What does Marx say is the root cause of our problems?

Karl Marx : the root of the problem is US

As Marx suggests the root of our problem is us – our personalities and the masks we hide behind. In the last blog,  An Air Kiss of Death,  three parameters to psycho-analytically-analysis Trump’s personality were set – they are Trump as a black swan event, as an outsider, and as a trickster. It is expected that this analysis will assist one in better understanding what we would be in for in voting for Trump’s personality.

To be continued…

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