I Ching on Trump

Yesterday, I heard that Donald Trump would be meeting with RNC leaders today to discuss the disorder he is causing in his run to be President. So, I decided early this morning to ask the I Ching about this meeting.

8/12/2016 4:14 AM
The question to I Ching is, What of the Donald Trump situation?

I received Hexagram 4. Mêng / Youthful Folly with changing lines in the 4 and 5 lines resulting in Hexagram 6. Sung / Conflict. These are very accurate and a first reading tell us that the outlook of an attempt to rein Trump in is going to be difficult and does not look likely. The book I use I Ching Wilhelm Translation.

Guide to the I Ching – Hexagram #4 – Immaturity

Guide to the I Ching: Hexagram #6 – Conflict

Alan Watts ‘The I Ching’

Terence McKenna – Time and the I-Ching

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