Hacking into the Trap

Son Aaron is a 2nd-semester university sophomore and after beginning his studies the idea of becoming an engineer is unfolding into something different. He is good at math and science and his initial idea of a major was petroleum engineering, which I suggested is old technology and that he might consider exploring renewable-energy engineering. After seeing The Social Network movie and the analysis of Facebook’s  narcissistic CEO Zuckerberg hiring expert computer systems engineers to tap into and create havoc in other computers systems, I begin half-jokingly suggesting he becomes a professional hacker. With his Chinese and English languages, he ought to have two very interesting suitors bidding for his dangerous knowledge.

Aaron came home from university recently and asked to interview me on my experience choosing a profession for his career development class. To say the least, I was excited and pushed through his resistance and audio-taped our conversation. A day after, as if by the design of the unfolding self-organizing theory of life (Aziz 2007) my effort to guide Aaron into exploring his options, a friend sent the documentary Dangerous Knowledge that addresses the monumental task before him – understanding the matrices of life we are living in.

In my Blog I have slowly been letting unfold a self-organizing theory of life that surrounds me and pose this question, Is there a path through The Trap (Fuck You Buddy) we have created for ourselves.  I have been a student of CG Jung’s idea of synchronicity since beginning my teaching career and was amazed when the clips listed below appeared on my internet search screen. I watched these and shared them with Aaron and now they are here. In past postings, some ideas have already appeared and in future postings, they will continue to unfold. I post them here for you to view and explore what I am experiencing as the theory of unfolding reality.

These clips are selected to watch, reflect, and think on in order to experience what emerges to guide this hacking project.

Algorithm: The Hacker Movie

National Geographic | Who are Hackers – History channel – BBC

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Dangerous Knowledge

There, this post has been cleaned and re-lived 7.11.2019. I have recently re-watched these clips but at this time will not reflect deeper on what appears to me to be ‘dangerous knowledge’ – knowing that several thinkers exploring this ‘knowledge’ went insane. Not that I think I am at their ‘thinking level’ but that it is approaching the ‘processes of thinking’ itself that can be dangerous to one’s mental health.  So, I hope you will not mind my cautionary appro7ach, preferring to sneak up on these processes. The 5 blog posts listed below, begin to address this knowledge and processes. One must move carefully so as not to ‘trap’ ourselves. I am here again 9.17.2021 re-watching, proofreading, and pondering how this work can be thread forward into this blogging project? In fact, this blog project needs attending!

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