Black Swan Trump Freezing to Death

When working on the Black Swan Trump blog entry,  I had an interesting experience and wrote: “I want to relate an “experience” I had with a real black swan bird on December 28, 2016 as I drove to Minneapolis. I stopped in Alexandria for lunch and took the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper to the table, turned it seems directly to the article A black swan, too far from home, met its end on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.  The report was about a black swan that had died when the ice formed on Lake Harriet. Bird watchers and the Wild Life Department had noticed the swan and were discussing attempts to rescue the bird from the danger of the cold weather. Saving the black swan was dangerous and in the mean time the swan disappeared most likely freezing and sinking in the lake.”

“I thought, as I was reading this news, that a synchronistic experience had occurred. Carl Jung proposes the idea of synchronicity to complement the idea of cause and effect and it is about the meanings of what appears to underlie certain events. I now wondered if Black Swan Trump is in danger of freezing to death“. What does it mean that Trump may freeze to death? Mr. Freeze says chill-out and shows us how it might be done – Trump is literally freezing everything around him. With Trump’s first Press Conference since becoming President-Elect, we continue seeing how he is “freezing himself to death”.

I was thinking to track Trump’s tweets and press conferences to see if we can witness Trump “freezing himself to death.” Then in the 1.15.17 SNL skit Donald Trump Press Conference Cold Open, it is predicted that Trump will have frozen himself to death in two months being replaces by VP Pence, when a worse nightmare would begin. This was a surprise. Let’s see if we can track this freeze.

Trump Full Press Conference as President-Elect (HD) | ABC News

Streamed live on Jan 11, 2017 Donald Trump held his first press conference as President-Elect from New York. President-elect Donald Trump announced that he will hand “complete and total control” of his vast business empire to his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump and to Alan Weisselberg, a longtime Trump business executive, through a financial trust.

Trump Press Conference Analyzed

SNL’s Donald Trump Press Conference Cold Open
predicting in two months Trump will be frozen in history.

To be continued…









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