The Martix and The Cave

Another recent unfolding experience was when my senior high-school daughter mentioned that she was studying Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, here is the excerpt from The Republic.

As we discussed the allegory, a flood of clips that I had studied a year ago flooded in. There are many professorial lectures on this allegory and this one is informative and entertaining – Plato’s cave analysis.

When my family went to Taiwan for eight months in 2005, being home alone in Our Cave, I rented The Matrix Trilogy movies and watched them for the first time almost non-stop. This clip, The Matrix and the Cave, presents the link between The Matrix and Plato’s Cave and bring us directly into the situation we find ourselves in today – living in the matrix cave of global capitalism.

The full documentary, Philosophy and the Matrix – Return to the Source, the above matrix as cave clip is taken from, is most enlightening, if you have a philosophical curiosity – I recommend it.

Other serious studies of the movie are Reflections on The Matrix Part 1: Retrospective, Analysis and Deeper Analysis – The Matrix (1/2) that have pursued analysis of The Matrix deeper – putting these points into an argument is the task ahead.

It is challenging that philosopher/psychoanalyst/marxist Slavoj Žižek is calling for a third pill, besides the red and blue one offered to Neo. Let’s see, what is this third pill?

So, let us examine the dna of this third pill!

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