The Bourne and Obama Legacies

I was multi-tasking yesterday evening watching the movie The Bourne Legacy and the DNC Convention. I like the drone scene where Aaron Cross a member of the Defense Department’s black ops program called Operation Outcome shoots down with his rifle a DOD drown sent to take him out. What is the Bourne Legacy?

When President Obama entered the convention hall my attention turned completely to his address. It captured my imagination and one commentator afterwards pointed out that Obama has delivered captivating speeches at the DNC Convention in 2004, 2008, 2012, and now again – expect this not to be his last was pointed out.

President Obama has lead the U.S. for 8 years and is both loved and hated, which calls us, psychoanalytically inclined, to understand these very intense sentiments that infuse his leadership. I have been interested in Obama’s leadership and will continue examining the change of which Barack Obama speaks and took notice of his saying last night “we need to see ourselves in each other”, which is integral to the change needed. It seems I have been building toward this task for years as these Dialectic Analytical Blog posts indicate. What is The Obama Legacy?

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