Morning Page 10/24/2021

10/24/2021 5:12 AM Morning Page.  I often lay in bed thinking about beginning the day’s Morning Page. When I sense having captured a paragraph, I get up, put the coffee on, beginning the morning. I am remembering my FCHS psychology class, first floor south west corner, where my project was building a table-top wood maze that I could demonstrate classical learning. My demonstration was to train one mouse to run her fastest time with few if any mistakes, then run her untrained brother, recording his much slower and mistaken prone run. I entered UND planning to become a physician but in my sophomore, year switched to majoring in psychology. My intent was to apply psychology to the study of leadership. I had just joined the Sigma Nu Fraternity, thinking here is where I can examine the psychology of leadership. My MBA was about the mechanics of business, however, the DBA degree, while still about business, allowed one to focus – mine was on organizational behavior and theory, with the dissertation titled Cognitive Complexity and Leadership. Fifty years on, still studying the topic of consciousness and effectiveness, can I write anything definitively on this subject? This is the test of a life well lived. I am not dead yet…

I have been re-watching the Freud TV Series a Netflix documentary film on Sigmund Freud this past week, again finding it interesting and motivating. When I was teaching, I would use such movies or parts of them to enhance the concrete learning experience. There are 8 episodes each named after a psycho-illness, the first episode is ‘Hysterie’, the illness of choice in Freud’s Victorian Era Vienna.  There are some rumpy-pumpy sex and sniffy-whiffy cocaine scenes to keep one glued to the monitor. Of course, as a documentary film, some artistic allowances have been allowed. I have searched and have not found such an artistic film on Carl Jung’s life. Of course, we have A Dangerous Method with this dream analysis scene, of both Freud and Jung discussing one of Carl’s dreams. Daughter Annah and I both read this book and watched the movie when she was studying psychology at NDSU. She is now studying for a masters degree in school psychology.

Just now my imaging self sees Steve Scheel Chairman of the Board Scheels in Conversations in Business Ethics sitting in the audience listening to Michael and Steven Scherling presenting The Arvid Scherling Business Ethics conversation. Here is an example helping us imagine us presenting The Arvid R. Scherling conversation: Anthony Daniels (Dalrymple) – Freud: Apostle of Freedom or Apostle of Enslavement? In memory of Sigmund Freud a poem. Steven Arvid Scherling

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