Morning Page 10/23/2021

Dream: 10/23/2021I realize that working alone will take 50% longer to accomplish the work than working with a partner.

Associations: I have spent the last several Morning Page entries thinking about work with Michael and Manoj. Our past projects I have been hammering we get done. With other projects like expanding the A.R. Scherling’s NDSU Project and house cleaning, I am feeling stressed. I just remember Alan Watts saying “you need only wash one dish at a time” – okay got it. I sense there is a ‘thread’ to most effectively and efficiently entering into the writing ahead.

Amplification: I am re-reading Giegerich’s Dialectics & Analytical Psychology, reading Aizenstat’s newest book Dream Tending, and Trine’s In tune with the infinite which was written in 1897, where Billiette Scherling has printed her name in the 1947 50th anniversary edition. Monday I expect to receive Giegerich latest book, Working With Dreams: Initiation into the Soul’s Speaking About Itself. My Dreaming Self Project is shifting into overdrive! For starters Aizenstat suggests we “talk about a dream in the present tense. … talk about dreams using verbs ending in ‘-ing’, …remove all articles ‘a,’ ‘an’, and ‘the’), and write the names of the dream characters using capital letters. Here is this dream re-written: I am realizing that working alone is taking 50% longer to accomplish than working with partners.

AnimationDreams are All Around Us, with Stephen Aizenstat – Myth is All Around Us

Finally, I am re-reading Arvid Scherling’s books, Dogma of a Sinful Constitution and Its Practical Bearing and his Scherling-Baily Debate. I have just unboxed and shelved Arvid’s 23 volume collection H.D.M Spence and J.S Exell’s ‘The Pulpit Commentary‘. I am shelving our home’s rooms with books. Here are the AR Scherling Garage Books, far right case top two shelves are The Pulpit Commentary. One book case will be assigned to Fannie’s Teaching Chinese Project. “I am not worrying about tomorrow too much doing!”;

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