Transformation of Libido

The word libido is still a ghost in this title. If you ask yourself, Transformation of what? the answer is the transformation of libido. Jung left the word libido out of his re-publishing his essay. This is an important matter in understanding the book because one of its central issues is the concept of libido. It was on this issue that Freud and Jung had major disagreements, namely the nature of libido, psychic energy, the motive power of the human psyche, needing to be understood and productively used.

Excellent cinema movies on Freud’s life have been produced and lately over lunch and at times in an afternoon manatee, I am re-watching them with an emerging sense they will fit into what I have been writing and blogging about since taking my first psychology course in 1961 at Fargo Central High School. Here for your viewing pleasure are just a few clips before we see if we can more clearly understand ourselves. I can’t help it, as if in a trance, I am back in my first psych class – yes it feels like Alice falling down down and down. So, let’s go, carefully watching these clips:

1. Listening with our Third Ear.

2. Sigmund Freud: Bilinen Tek Ses Kaydı (1938) | Türkçe Altyazılı

La psychanalyse selon John Huston

BBC: Freud (1984) S01E02 – The Hypnotist

Young Indiana Jones DVDs: Sigmund Freud Scene

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1/1) 1976

Jung thought the psyche or soul was to be understood in a much broader and deeper way than Freud and the book A Dangerous Method explores their disagreements. An issue is thinking of the human psyche as an energy machine – the issues of effectiveness and efficiency needs our attention.

A Dangerous Method

 Freud | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Transformation of Libido was the original title of Jung’s book, however, the concept of libido, energy, was removed when the book was re-published. The concept of libido energy remains central in Edinger’s seminar on CG Jung’s now titled Symbols of Transformation. A central issue that divided Freud and Jung was on the “nature of libido – how psychic energy, the motive power of the human psyche, is to be understood”. Edinger points out that “the issue is thinking of the human psyche as an energy mechanism” (Edinger, 1994:3). If we extend Einstein’s equation in physics, E=MC2, into a psychological equation we have E=SD2, where S equals Self and D2 is dialogue squared, which is a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. Edinger suggests after addressing kinds of thinking that what is required is “another level of attention, as a dialogue with the unconscious…” (emphasis added). So, our challenge is unpacking SD2 and being able to control the burn. I started this unpacking with these blog posts and will continue exploring the burning processes. I now think to understand burning we need to develop, let’s call it the skill of random accessing memories.

This is further addressed in The Mathematics of Faith? posted on October 27, 2010.

I have written about E = SD2 in The High and The Low posted on December 13, 2015, and I end it with Stan Laurel Infectious Laughing.

Finally, coming into focus, this blog seeks a book. A book is birthing here! Now, is this worth laughing about? Only if on the way to the Bank! E = SD2 is a serious equation, what are its mechanics is the challenge! How do we use our energies to self-actualize?

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