Morning Cup of Coffee

This morning 10.03.2015 after getting my morning cup of “coffee with cream” prepared I turned on the MSNBC program Morning Joe to watch some of the Koch Bros. on running for office, foreign policy interview. As I watched the broadcast, I thought of the previous days’ discussions on the Republican candidates’ rebellion against the questions and conduct of the debates they received, in their view mostly at the hands of liberal news persons. One of the points presented was to get right-leaning newscaster to conduct the interviews. So, this morning on Morning Joe we watched such an interview on some issues and here is the reaction that I also felt as I watched – 10 Of the Worst Moments from Morning Joe’s Fawning Koch Brothers Interview.

So, getting a third cup of coffee, I was surfing the net and here I found a direct response to the obscenity of what we have to endure for yet another year. Here is Slavoj Zizek on A New Kind of Communism. Take notes on Slavoj’s presentation on totality – we will be addressing this.

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