The Art of War

3/22/2022 7:30 AM Morning Page.  There is news that Putin may be considering the use of gas and chemical weapons! Can we imagine what this is going to look like when the actions Putin is considering are taken? He will have control of a bombed-out land with gorilla-warriors hiding and fighting everywhere.  To make Ukraine completely subservient, Putin is going to need to use gas and chemicals.  There is no other way to subdue the Ukraine combatants.  Can we see NATO and the World letting this happen? What a mess – the West simple was asleep – seems did not see this coming.  And we heard that Biden was in the process of shifting attention and resources from Europe to Asia. What is it they have been doing at West Point?  Certainly, they have not been reading Sun Tzu’s  The Art of War. Jordan Peterson and Victor Hanson’s analysis is enlightening and they have studied “the are of war”.

Sun Tuz

Jordan Peterson: PUTIN IS THE NEW HITLER | Ukraine – Russia Conflict 2022

3/22/2022 8:32 AM  I am on my 2nd cup of coffee and this morning page is soon ending. I will be returning to other writing and cleaning house and yard – i still have them. It looks to be a nice day suggesting that I begin to look into the garage and yard to see what beckons me.  This first clip by Jordan is good and he suggests that we look at what Victor is saying about the war in Ukraine. Finally, we listen to how to get others’ respect.

Victor Davis Hanson | War in Ukraine

How To Make People Respect You

“How To Get Respect Without Being A Bully – Jordan Peterson recently expertly handled a debate during an interview with BBC’s Channel 4 news (The video was called: Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests, and postmodernism). And JBP did it without being a bully or being aggressive. So how do we get respect without being a bully? Well, we often think that getting respect and being aggressive go hand in hand. Because unfortunately, it’s often the bully that gets the most respect in the schoolyard and even in the workplace. But Jordan Peterson is an exemplar of a different way to generate a massive amount of respect. So in this video, we’re going to explore 3 main things he does that force people to respect you WITHOUT being a bully. Now, we focused a lot on respect in this video but that’s actually just one out of four emotions that are going to create an amazing first impression on anyone cross-culturally. Now, if you’re curious about the other three emotions that you want to create in that person are to make an amazing first impression, I made a video on that that breaks down what those four emotions are so that you can start using them today to consistently make killer first impressions”(YouTube).

There, I am on 3rd cup of coffee trying to make it to noon here in Fargo ND – the securest place in the World! Think about this – ND is at the geographical center of North America and has missiles.

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