Kapitalism on the Couch

In past issues of the HPR, I began examining Kapitalism with a learning model presented in The Mathematics of Faith. In the second essay Kapitalism on the Couch, our psychoanalysis of Kapitalism began. The third essay, Kapitalism: Its Nature and Logic presented the structural components of this economic/political system. The fourth essay Modern Times the University Factory looks deeper into Kapitalism’s logic. To continue our psychoanalytical study of Kapitalism, we will use a learning model by examining a personal experience of exploitation and alienation – central components of Kapitalism as it increasingly impacts our universities. The fifth essay Kapitalism’s Concept of the Self addresses how the system impacts the concept of Self as in Self-Actualization. When I am asked to deliver a public lecture, I will use these past essays to build the presentation. The University Factory essay addresses universities’ failure to address Karl Marx’s alienation. These essays are dedicated to my history teacher Bill Barney.

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