Thomas Sowell Secretary of Treasury

Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robertson a Production of The Hoover Institute’s sessions with Thomas Sowell are thought-provoking!  Sowell’s well-thought argument should have been adopted by the Republican Party but for some reason, they were not up to carrying the torch of Adam Smith, William Buckley, Ronald Reagan, and Georgy Will. Donald Trump and his Cabinet simply do not have the brain-muscles to carry this torch. I am now suspicious Joe Bidden and Democrats have the ability to understand the US’s decline that Dr. Sowell argues Demoractes in great part are responsible for. Many of Sowell’s UK interviews can be viewed below and this first one on the second edition of Sowell’s book Intellectuals and Society stricks at my career in academics. I have started to assemble an ideal Presidental Cabinet, and Thomas Sowell is assigned to the job of Secretary of Treasury. He might decline given the argument he presents. However, maybe not, since Sowell had to work his way through his education. SAScherling

Thomas Sowell on Uncommon Knowledge


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