The Art of Living Is Loving

Artificial intelligence a game-changer was aired on 60 Minutes June 25, 2017. A key concern, if we reach ‘artificially intelligent life’ is, will it be benevolent? How to program benevolence into bicentennial man’s ‘positronic brain’ is a final frontier. How to first understand ‘life, love, war, and death’, and then write the program so as to “turn-on one’s personality”. This might be worth exploring, we have to first be able to “turn-on our own human personalities” before we can learn how to program Andrew’s personality. Okay, let’s see what comes first? Might it be Fromm’s The art of loving? What Andrew wants is to be considered ‘human’. The High Council would not grant this because he was immortal. So, Andrew programed himself for mortality, death, and then died before learning the Council had granted him ‘human’ status. Interesting that the Council Chairperson is a woman when Andrew was granted humanness. So, to understand the art of dying we need to understand the art of living. Let’s look into this.

Erich Fromm – The Art of Loving (1989)

I am again re-reading  Aziz’s book The Syndetic Paradigm also about what I had been discussing with a friend and my left eye began to have a sharp-needle-like pain. I had to stop reading, touched my eye, waited for the pain to subside some, stated reading and the pain came back and then I decided to sleep. I was reading about  Aziz’s last chapter “The Empty Mandela”, on ego control vs ego strength dimensions, which I had discussed with a colleague at the time he was having left eye pain. He had visited a slew of western medical doctors trying to diagnose the pain. I mentioned ‘alternative-medicine’, mediation and yoga, and suggested he try doing these. I know, I have to be better at them.

I have had a fascination with Bicentennial Man (1999) – Personality and Bicentennial Man – Right to Humanity (Part 1 & 2) and here the clips that discussed the requirement for a robot to be considered human. To achieve this Andrew had to program himself to die. I suggested this to my programmer son, how to program personality uniqueness.

Bicentennial Man (1999) – Personality

Bicentennial Man – Right to Humanity (Part 1)

Bicentennial Man – Right to Humanity (Part 2)

The wink is a sign of trust. What does it mean to trust the Other?

I, Robot interrogation and anger

After watching these clips what do we understand?  I am writing this blog as it helps me to think and feel what is unfolding in my life – My Project.  My significant other wonders if I will be able to write such that it will provide a living. Let me pause, get a cup of coffee, and turn on my new mic, Blue, to get used to using Her. Blue is my new voice mic linked to my voice recognition software to record directly onto his page. Hi Blue, good to have you with me this morning. I now remember Her movie, planning to soon be with you on the Santa Monica beach.

Her – The beach scene

How do you share your life with somebody? Is the past just a story we tell ourselves? I like this song of a photograph and this movie clip of Her in the photographed scene of piano music as being a photograph. And this is followed by the clip “needs & wants” which looks into the depth psychology perspective. A few comments follow viewing these clips. Enjoy!

Movie Her our photograph scene “piano music”

I am just now looking at our World. Maybe Her song is a photograph and captures our needs and desires.

Her – Needs & Desires

We end with Ed Sheeran’s Photograph


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