Truth about Trump – Face to Face

The “Black Swan One Dimensional Project” is still breathing! One Black Swan effort was The I Ching Speaks to the World on September 11: A New Ethic, which seems to have awakened the world. What is interesting about this ‘Anonymous – The truth about Donald Trump’ clip is its future projections about what is now unfolding. One can note these down and check them off to test Anonymous’ predictions about Donald Trump. This is a continuing effort to understanding “black swans” events coming our way.

Anonymous – The TRUTH about Donald Trump

Look at the history of the Great Wall, the Maginot Line, and the Berlin Wall – all testify to the uselessness of walls.

This might help us understand what is coming around the river bend. Some time ago, we watched the new AG of Californian lay out his plans to push back against Trump’s Wall to be built across his state – he outlined the strick California regulations that need to be followed. Then, there are other hurdles along with this broader learning that the Tohono O o’dham Indian Reservation covers a large part of the Arizona boarder. I predicted then that the Lakota Sioux and Tohono O o’dham braves will unite. Get your tomahawks ready. We must be careful – Trump is monitoring us like in the movie Enemy of State, we are told not lookup – the CIA is watching us. However, we should look up to the American Indians encounters with Star Stories: The Lover Star.

I woke up recently with dreams.  However, before I tell you about one, listen and watch Matt Simons Catch & Release song about his Anima and then read on… This makes one want to go sailing! Okay, maybe soon. For now, I am reading J.W. Dunne’s book “An experiment with time” which is one my sources in examining dreaming. The first dream is with my Anima – no it was not on a sailing boat, however, I do remember sailing on the Pacific Ocean on Blair’s boat with Barry., and then again on Pelican Lake with Jack, Shaun and Fannie. There is sailing in the future!

Catch & Release

My dream was of a very beautiful woman. I had met her it seems the day before and was quite attracted to her. I was ushered into a large banquet room, to the front on the left side of the room, and was seated at a floor table. There at the next table was the woman I had met last night. I watched her carefully as she said hello and asked how I was doing. I was struck by her beauty and wanted to know her better. In analyzing my dream, I started to look at who she represents – who forms my Anima Archetype?  I know she is composed of all the women in my life – in all of life. So, I started remembering the ladies in my life:  Kathy, Karen, Phyllis, Nancy, Sandra, Sharon, Kathe, Mary, Nancy, Fannie, and of course Billiette, Amanda and Sophia – my mother and grandmothers, and Annah our daughter. We (for sure not Trump) consider ‘Pocahontas’ an Anima figure and in this scene, we see Pocahontas entering a river, water representing the unconscious, and flowing into emerging life – an important role she plays in our lives. What is this dream saying?

Pocahontas – Just Around The Riverbend

Diving into Face To Face with Carl Gustav Jung is a very challenging task and for now, this short clip will begin an introduction. Jung’s description of how he came to study medicine I found interesting as I reflected on my experiences leading to my study of psychology – it is how we enter the river of life. I also remember a fight I had outside Agizzie Jr High School when Rubin and his gang learned to leave me alone.

Acquiring a psychoanalytical view is essential in understanding the river of life we are on. We have the Three Musketeers – Freud, Jung and Adler, and others to guide us and all identify dream analysis as essential to navigating life. The Anima Archetype is a genetic component of the female in the male – it is essential for men to comprehend who she is and what she expects. The spectacle of Donal Trump in the months ahead, sorry to say, is going to give us a case study on Anima Projection when Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas, is nominated as the Democratic candidate for President.

Finally, we listen to James Bay’s Hold Back The River “letting me look in your eyes, stop for a minute to be by your side, hold back the river. Lonely water won’t you let us wander, letting us hold each other.”

James Bay and I, “If You Ever Want To Be In Love, I’ll come around!”

Sioux Chief Taken Aboard Star Ship

A Lakota peyote healing song to listen to as I get this ready to post online. I will continue with the idea of an experiment with time and my dreams of Anima and the other archetypes of the unconscious. Note the Owl as in Scherling Owl Photography – sas.

Catch and Release

There’s a place I go to
Where no one knows me
It’s not lonely
It’s a necessary thing
It’s a place I made up
Find out what I’m made of
The nights are stayed up
Counting stars and fighting sleep

Let it wash over me
Ready to lose my feet
Take me on to the place where one reviews life’s mistery
Steady on down the line
Lose every sense of time
Take it all in and wake up that small part of me
Day to day I’m blind to see
And find how far
To go

Everybody got their reason
Everybody got their way
We’re just catching and releasing
What builds up throughout the day

It gets into your body
And it flows right through your blood
We can tell each other secrets
And remember how to love

Da da dum dum dum dum dum
Da dum dum dum
Dadada dum dum
Da da dum dum dum dum dum
Da dum dum dum

Fannie, I have a secret to tell you! Dadada dum dum dum!

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