Imagine The Strength To Dream

In a recent dream, I am sitting alone in the center of a darkened room like the Fargo Theatre. I could see lights in the projection room, coming under the two doors entering the theatre, and from around the screen. A man asked me what I have done in my life. My response is, “ask others”. Earlier I read the new Time Magazine 10.29.2018 issue 50 most influential people in health care. After reading this, I started to re-read Colin Wilson’s The strength to dream Chapter 7 The need for polarities, where Wilson defines “more precisely the function of imagination,” that he began addressing earlier in the book. Wilson suggests that “imagination means the power of creating images of something not actually present… the function of imagination is to foresee the future and to enlarge the present consciousness… imagination is the detonator of the will. When connected with purpose – which is necessary for the future – it can arouse the will… imagination must work on fuel; its fuel may be any spontaneously generated energy: fear, love, lust, jealousy, wonder, ambition… the great artists have learned to generate large quantities of fuel and to use them to drive the imagination… The fundamental and undeniable fact about imagination is that its purpose is to intensify the life in man” (175).

The Essential – Colin Wilson

I thought of my personal physician, also a medical researcher – and was looking for his photo in the Time essay but did not find it. However, the first researcher Diva Nag wants to put him, a doctor on my wrist – I will ask him about this when I see him in January. Then Dr. Devinsky’s work on revolutionizing medical marijuana reminded me to vote “yes” on ND Measure 3 – legalizing pot. A memory then surfaces of accompanying my friend Ken to his  MeritCare pain doctor and asking him if he would prescribe Ken marijuana and his saying if it were legal he would not hesitate to do so. So, much for that effort as we smoked on the drive back Ken’s room.

Dr. Grossman and Langone announced that NYU med-school is now offering free tuition, which has to worry socialist-hating Republicans. Hansen and Kvale’s speeding up therapy really caught my attention on how it could quicken the processes of life coaching. They have been able to reduce the therapy for OCD from months to a week. Their study in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy presents this approach and is now being extended to panic disorders and social anxietyanxieties now gripping the US. Sinclair is testing a pill that appears to address and even reverse some of the topical signs of aging. Wyss Cory is using blood as medicine in using blood-plasma treatments for aging brains. Long is the fasting evangelist and director of the Longevity Institute at the University of California and believes that the secret to staving off the ills of old age is a diet designed to trick your body into thinking it’s fasting, which he has published about in his book The Longevity Diet. The diet preaches a low-protein, plant-based eating style with regular periods of fasting. I just ordered this book so I can make it to my 60th Class Reunion.

Mccray is building happier cities and launched ThriveNYC to improve wellness and now is operating in all 50 states – looking for ND’s now. Shanafelt’s boosting doctor morale is focused on the finding that half of the doctors now report they are professionally burned out. Maybe Dr. Devinsky’s idea of revolutionizing medical marijuana is part of boosting my doctor’s low morale? The Franks founders of Talkspace, have an app that connects more than a million users with the therapists via text or video, a most interesting addition to the life coaching process. Wojcicki’s democratizing DNA had to be read several times to see how the idea of democratizing was operating. CEO Wojcicki of 23andMe was the first to offer an FDA-approved home genetic cancer risk test for $199. What I now understand is that democratizing is GlaxoSmithKline becoming the latest pharma partner, leveraging users’ anonymous genetic data to develop new drugs. Finally, Dr. Leana Wen fighting the politics of medicine is Time’s center entry outlining her fight against the Trump Administration proposed changes to funding Planned Parenthood.

These are all interesting efforts but especially diet and therapy as they are closer to what we can become personally involved in. However, we must realize that Trump and his Republican raiders are now actively dismantling these programs! Michael Lewis’s newest book The Fifth Risk details Trump’s  Administration carnage.

Imagine now, we see the advancing hordes from South Americans descending on our southern border and Trump orders DNA testing. This is expensive and time-consuming and when it is completed the results indicate that Trump is the father of 12 genetically different children. Trump lies tweeting that he was only grabbing. Sanders then announces it was the “holy ghost” that impregnated these maidens. Accepting immaculate conception, Saint Michael Pence leads the charge on the Walls of Democracy not aware that his inner Jericho Walls are disintegrating. Now, imagine writing about this next, I am looking forward to my dreams tonight!

10.26.2018 9:00am cst
I posted this blog entry Imagine The Strength to Dream last night and then this morning Joe on M.JoeShow talked about the hordes marching on the US’s southern border saying only 12 are in this dangerous threatening horde. These 12 were mentioned in this Blog post yesterday and this is synchronistic. I am now adding this experience to this Blog entry and am concerned about Pence’s inner walls of Jericho – he seems to be in danger and listening to Celldweller’s Deluxe Edition “End of an Empire” my concern extends beyond Pence to Trump ending the American empire’s experiment with ‘democracy’. TGIF, enjoy the weekend mulling this over, a few beers…

End of an Empire

Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked)

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