Trump’s A Modest Proposal


Image from MN Jung Association

Like a majority of Americans, I was expecting Donald Trump not to be elected President and was anticipating moving on to other blogging topics. However, like the SNL series on Trump, the nightmare continues. In the latest SNL Dec 4, “Classroom Cold Open” we see what is in our foreseeable future. Here we have President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) interrupting a security briefing to retweet real people (Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney, Bobby Moynihan). In two days my wife, Fannie, is leaving to visit her family in Taiwan, just as today’s Monday Morning Quarterbacking on what Trump has stirred up in China heats up. Is there no end to the anxiety that Trickster Trump can churn up? In the Trickster Trump blog post, recall that the Trickster is helped by The Magician(s) and if we lay out the ‘Journey of the Tarot: How major arcana mirrors the soul‘ might this give us a peek at what is coming?

I have been following several threaded discussions on the Trump Phenomenon. The MN Jung Association on 12.9.2016 hosted a lecture Godfather Death or How I started to worry and hate the election by Jungian Analyst John Desteian which is described as follows: “Since the beginning of the campaign, it became obvious that the 2016 election was going to generate significant emotional distress, no matter who was victorious. We know that emotions don’t exist for their own sake, but for the information, they tell us about our subjective inner world, and the world outside ourselves as well. This lecture will reflect on the multiple meanings of the emotional distress, from both directions, winners and losers, inner and outer, subjective and objective.”

At another site discussing Trump, I read this in part from a UK citizen: “There has been a shift since the first Obama election. Whatever the opposition to his presidency, it wasn’t expressed as a hope, or even expectation, that he had been telling lies, or that if so it didn’t matter. At least, if so I didn’t pick it up. (The question of his US citizenship was a fabrication from the start.) I think it would take a writer of Jonathan Swift’s calibre to adequately represent the current climate. It wouldn’t surprise me if such talent were to emerge in US America, still an immensely rich culture, & of which I know so little… I think this is an alternative version of another point made that ‘Perhaps Trump’s election has some part to play in making untruth explicit.’ Probably I’m straying beyond psychology, however (?)’’

Harking back to Central English classes, I went in search of Jonathan Swift and found his A  Modest Proposal. Is it satirical foresight into Donald Trump’s Modest Proposal?

Swift’s A Modest Proposal (In Our Time)

A Modest Proposal for Boiling Babies. Republicans, enjoy your dinner in the Trump White House!

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3 Responses to Trump’s A Modest Proposal

  1. Aaron says:

    Untruth explicit? But what is truth and what isn’t. Truth is undeniably correct, is there not only perceived truth?

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