Logic of Globalization

I had a dream last night of working with others to understand the “logic” of our global economic system. After recording the dream, I got up and turned on the TV to watch the morning news on UK’s EC vote to leave.  My TV opened to this scene from the Matrix’s Power Plant of Neo becoming unplugged.

How synchronistic I thought and re-watched Jung’s view on this concept and noticed Alice’s rabbit was there. CG Jung on Synchronicity.

Then I watched the central issue being discussed on the Sunday Morning news shows globalization  (This Week, Face the Nation). Pinky here presents the major sentiment felt by many – today’s globalization is yesterday’s colonization in different dress.

Globalization Documentary

Next, I clicked on the The Matrix ‘Construct’ Scene  with Morpheus introducing Neo to their program to hack into the Matrix, reinforcing many efforts to hack into our geo-polical-economic system.

Just now I re-watched the clip on Jung’s concept to synchronicity you will see throughout the clip Alice’s rabbit scampering about. Yesterday, I sent this clip to a friend of Alice falling into the rabbit hole suggesting the world is now falling into a deep hole. Then on this morning’s news shows there were several references to today’s World being in Wonderland.

Here then is the beginning of this dream’s amplification. What was interesting about Alice when she reached the bottom of the rabbit-hole, is that she had to take a pill to get tall to reach a key on the table and then another pill to get small in order to use it to unlock the door in order to get in. Humm…, what are the implications of such pills for the global economy? How is this related to the red-blue pill choice Neo is offered to either “continue living in a synthesized, fictional, computer-generated world or joining the real world to escape from the Matrix.” We certainly know that Neo’s choice leads to a very bloody confrontation – the revolution against machines.

Red vs Blue Bill Choice

However, Slavoj Zizek suggests there is a third pill, and here seems to be a logic alluded to in my dream. Stay tuned…

Zizek’s third pill

To continue …

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