Diamonds in the Sky

In my post The day the music died, I mentioned how seeing the Buddy Holly movie a 2nd time often allows a deeper insight into it and into one’s Self. The movie showed me a deeper side to Buddy’s stand against the exploitation & alienation of Hollywood’s music industry and how his personality & music bridged a gap in 1955 between black & white Americans – years ahead of the civil-rights movement. This is a deeper insight into Buddy, but what is a deeper insight into my Self?, which is C.J Jung’s definition of Self. Implementing, that is living this conception of Self, is the adventure Buddy and we are on.

I had to think about this movement and there was hesitation in adding the second sentence here: “I have searched my memory and cannot remember the day the music died, however, I bet Kenny Pier, Marc Wroe, and Dick Knutson remember since they seem the most likely to have had tickets to that Winter Dance Party in Moorhead MN. Ground Control to Majors Ken, Marc, Dick, and David come-in – can you hear me? What do we remember about the day the music died?” Of course the “David” here is David Bowie who recently joined Ken, Marc, and Dick jamming I am thinking somewhere in the sky.

Next in time, Marc Wroe’s obituary appeared out of my collection of papers and books that are now everywhere being re-organized into files and bookcases in an effort to better access them while working with Robert Romanyshyn’s book The Wounded Researcher: Research with Soul in Mind. I re-read Marc’s very warm obituary, lowered my head in wonder at the life he had, but I was trying to read between the lines, I was searching for the details of his creativity – I wonder, did he keep a journal?



Marc and I grew up on separate sides of Fargo and did not really get to know each other until the 10th grade. And then we seem to have existed in separate World’s. Marc was a swimmer, I a hockey player; however, I do remember our same interest in diving at the Island Park Pool. I also remember attending a few parties where Marc played in his band and now see that our extroversion and introversion were twisting differently. I was spending increasing time with Kathe, the “new girl in town,” and focusing attention on grades to enter UND, not much time to hang-loose.

I do remember at the start of our 30th FCHS ’62 Reunion, Dick Knutson and  I were interviewing and videotaping classmates as they entered. When Marc entered he turned some girls’ heads and then he asked me “How is the psychologist doing?” This took me by surprise, as I wondered how he knew I was a psychologist. Now re-reading of Marc’s active life, I remembered he graduated at the same time and in psychology as I but from NDSU. The footage of Marc and that Reunion was lost right after the reunion but now studying re-search with soul in mind, I understand that Marc is here at my table as I am writing this, contributing to an ongoing dialogue that requires careful attention! This is an insight into Self that is now unfolding – listening to the Wroe music was a trip-back-to-the-future. This is still unfolding….

Then, I next learned that PBS was to air on 2.2.2016 @ 9pm the David Bowie Five Years…. I watched it very attentively as it documented five years in the life of Bowie-The-Musician – his creativity – wow! One interesting point made in the special was that Bowie was living to the best of his ability – Abraham Maslow’s concept of Self-Actualization, which is Jung’s concept of Individuation – the processes of “caring & attending” to one’s needs of which the Self is the most important. There it was, after re-reading Marc’s obituary and sensing a deeper story of music in his life, I then learned about Bowie’s creative life and tired to imagine the many stories of creativity – past and present, right now.

Okay guys, I hear you, the Grammy’s just started – be right there to watch with you!


Just now in – The Song of the Year @ Grammy 2016 is Thinking Out Laud

Lady Gaga tribute to Bowie @ Grammy 2016

“We can be Heroes just for one day.”

Steven A Scherling

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