Email to Aaron

Hi Aaron,

It was interesting talking with you and Kevin (NDSU counselor) yesterday on identifying your major. You have the world at your door and it is most exciting! I have been following these fellows’ work and this second session McKenna, Abraham, Sheldrake – The Evolutionary Mind (2/3) presented at the University of California Santa Cruz on June 6, 1998 addresses exactly what I see is NDSU’s major Natural Resource Management that Kevin pointed to yesterday.


Each evolutionary mind session is lead by different author of their book, The Evolutionary Mind. All three sessions are interesting, however, this second session lead by McKenna is central. All three, however, paint the full picture on civilization’s challenge to survive. It is interesting that this was recorded in 1998 with these authors speculating on the year 2004, which we have now lived through. I think McKenna struck the correct cord in assigning an important killing role to global corporate capitalism, which has been defined as psychopathic.

The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

Say, we have a date to watch the new movie Interstellar, also about the failure of civilization to address environmental communication, one of the areas in the NRM major. Look forward to discussing this more. It wouldn’t hurt to visit the NRM department. Dad



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