A Question of Balance

A Question of Balance – The Moody Blues

I have been away from the Dialectic Analytical Man Blog but not away from experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and journaling. When I listened to The Moody Blues album “A Question of Balance”, I realized it was a good place to pick up where I had left off – What does it mean to be in balance and how does one begin? I suggest we begin by listening to what the Moody Blues sing about.

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2 Responses to A Question of Balance

  1. “Why do we never get an answer?” Is the first question/thought that this album posses. Let us continue listen to what is the meaning of “A Question of Balance” and record what we discover. Steven

  2. From Marjorie: Have you read “A Fine Balance”? Can’t get that book out of my head.

    To Marjorie: No I have not read this book but went to find it on Amazon and read a few of its reviews and one said the book is about relationships and trust. Wikipedia describes the book “as exposing the changes in Indian society from independence in 1947 to the Emergency called by Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.” It is interesting that I spent 5 days in August at a Hayden Lake home in Idaho with 3 colleagues all beginning teaching at UND’s College of Business in 1974 and one was from Calcutta. I will be sending him this book as he is in the process of hooking up with an Indian lady. Fannie also has an Indian colleague returning to India after her arranged marriage was finalized. I think you have hit the mark in that we are living “in times that makes trust nearly impossible.” I see a ray of hope in the use of the word “nearly” but then the challenge is operationalzing the concept. I was listening to a section of Obama’s The Audacity of Hope where he discusses the concept of empathy that many are discussing. I would be interested in hearing what grabbed you about the book. Say did you hear about the NDSU football team win? Must run, cheers, Steven

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