This Shit’s Got To Go!

In the aftermath of the Boston Bombing, the killing and capture of the Tsarnaev brothers, America is again asking the question – Why? And again it appears from the News, Americans are not looking in the right direction – inward. Maybe ZEITGEIST: Moving Forward will help this country, however, I am seriously doubting the American collective psyche has it within itself – “This shit’s got to go.”

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2 Responses to This Shit’s Got To Go!

  1. Mike DeMarco says:

    Don’t worry. Be happy!…. Do politicians have enough foresight and concern to prevent disasters? Do the lawmakers really study problems to make applicable laws and be sure they are enforced? Such people never work according to their job descriptions! So, little problems arise and eventually turn into huge problems. When the problems a big enough, THEN the brilliant politicians and lawmakers do something… but always way too late. Only a rare few seem to actually “look inward” and strive to do something at the proper time. Unfortunately they face the sluggish mass of those in office. It seems when a crisis is large enough, such thoughtful, insightful people appear. Maybe there is a law of nature working here?

    • Michael, your comment is so right on and I see there is a law of nature at work here. The law of nature in Jung’s original thought is that of individuation that unfolds naturally as a person lives his/her life, however, if one is aware of this process, the person has a joyous time walking the way – it is I think what Laozi is writing in the Dao de Ching. However, there is another law, that of maximizing profit, the logic of money, which is at the center of corporate global capitalism. We have to understand globalization in juxtaposition to individuation. I did worry as I remember once saying to myself that I would not marry knowing children would follow and did not want to raise them for the life I sensed was coming. However, as you know I now have two beautiful teenagers and did have the foresight to create them as half Caucasian and Chinese, who are learning to speak Chinese. As I was finishing this on the Morning Joe Show, Stephen Schwarzman was announcing his $300 million Scholarship to study in China. Your upcoming trip to China is so right – to be able to join you would be happiness!

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