Don Juan DeMarco & The Real Casanova

The last class period of international management before the Concordia College term break we will watch the movie with Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp, Don Juan DeMarco. We will watch the movie thinking about how it is relevant to our study of depth psychology, the process of individuation, and transformational leadership.

Don Juan DeMarco

The final clip to watch is The real Casanova, with the same thinking process in mind, How is this relevant to transformational leadership? The class teams will prepare their individual journals for discussion, which will be posted for a class discussion.

The real Casanova

In setting hyperlinks for his entry, I came across this Buddy Holly – Modern Don Juan clip singing about, what else – loving a woman!

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4 Responses to Don Juan DeMarco & The Real Casanova

  1. Mike DeMarco says:

    Greetings Dr. Scherling and group.
    Even if I wasn’t a DeMarco, I’d still love this film with Depp and Brando. There is often a transformation with individuals seeking an escape from harsh personal realities. Sometimes there is no other place to go except in the mind. Depp does this but Brando learned to use the mental power to enrich his reality rather than flee from it. Seems the self-transformation process presented in this movie distinguishes between alternate paths and hints at what options we have as individuals. As a Chinese proverb states: “What is accomplished in the mind is made known by the hand.” Hope all in your group enjoy the film and discussion. Wish I could join in but I must depart for some sword practice…

    • Hi Michael, You have been on my mind and will call you soon. I am just getting back to this blog. Stay tuned my I Ching friend. steve

      • Michael DeMarco says:

        Casted the I Ching, which said: “It furthers the Great Man to cross the large sea,” so I’m in Italy! My old phone doesn’t work, so I’ll call you with Skype soon… Qi au!

  2. okay, i am on skype as steven schelring and my cell is 701.540.8454. looking to talking

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