Dream 1.23.2013

mandula 010 3x5 20Hello World! 1/23/2013 6:41 AM   Dream: I was in front of Jim McKenzie’s, a high school friend, home and Jim was standing on the front porch and said to me “get to work on the project.” Associations: I had recently asked Sandy Ressler, a high school friend, who had posted a high school photo of herself all dressed up, who her date was. She said “Jim McK….” One memory I have of Jim was at his home I think on, 9th Street South Fargo, the house in my dream. Another association is that Sandy’s Facebook enthusiasm is infectious and keeps me motivated in continuing the Class ’62 Facebook Group. With the start of Classes at Concordia last week, I have not put time into my personal Facebook, Youtube, & Blogging project, which just this week has renewed importance, since what is coming down in the class of 8 senior students, depends on a personal interaction with them. The project I see Jim telling me to get to work on, is using internet media (Facebook, Youtube, Blogging) to build a team to study globalization and specifically the leadership of President Obama.

Yesterday I gave the class this assignment, over the next two weeks visit the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and report on what and how we are learning. My project needs to catch up and staying current is the theme of the DAM Blog – to be online intime. I knew this was going to be a challenge. To accomplish this I now see that I have to expand my HPR writing on Kapitalism and blogging through the Dao De Jing to dreaming and what is now transpiring in the class. A key effort I see is to study the leadership of Obama and the Obama Inauguration Speech 2013 lays out his vision going forward. We could not ask for a more interesting and dynamic live experiential with which to address leadership in this new age of globalization. And we already have a beginning,  the I Ching’s response to our question on Obama going Forward.

Obama Inauguration Speech 2013

I ended my last e-mail to the class that “Next week we’ll be in the Alps, I hope you like to ski and incidentally it’s the home of Carl Jung.  My intent was to point out the enjoy skying at the height the Alps and to also realize the depth challenge coming from Jung, who tells us “to study human nature because man is the source of all coming evil.” Studying our dreams is to study human nature.

Bosnak, Robert. (1988) A little course in Dreams: A basic handbook of Jungian dreamwork. Shambhala, Boston & Shaftesbury, will start us on the way to working with dreams.

Robert Bosnak on Dreaming

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