Philosophy and The Matrix

Philosophy and The Matrix

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2 Responses to Philosophy and The Matrix

  1. Wow! … Not just action and entertainment. About time. What will be the resulting reverberations?

    • Michael, Good to see your comment. Getting this blog seen in one issue and then getting engagement is another. The Charlie Rose show Jan 3, 2013 had Evan Williams & Biz Stone Twitter founders on talking about the low level of dialogue in social networking cites like Blogs and Facebook. They now are working on efforts to create new means to enhance it. I would link the url but it is not up yet.
      To your questions about reverberation, I did not agree with the red and blue pill experience. It is like Huxley’s Doors of Perception – a drop of acid and you see into the matrix – this is to easy. We story that need to be written and filmed is how do we unplug and then work to see and overcome the Matrix. In the movie learning Kung Fu came first and in the movie we need to produce – understanding the Self comes first. And as a Tai Chi master, i suspect you would agree with this. I look to hear your ideas.

      The Evolution of Reading and Writing in the Networked Era

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