Following One’s Bliss to The Dark Side of the Moon

mandula 004 3x5 10 jpgI was up early (12.06.12) to write my ritual morning page and felt a need to re-organize my web-link logs (an excuse, maybe) and came across Joseph Campbell’s idea “follow your bliss.” The first video clip I watched was Terence McKenna ~ Inspiration Through Cannabis.

and then his clip You Are A Divine Being, which is what Lao zi and Jesus proclaim.

My friend Jack had just emailed me about Colorado’s marijuana legalization and today Washington State’s legalization went into effect and note, Jack, one new entrepreneur is targeting us baby-boomers . McKenna’s interview on “drugs” makes some excellent points!

I then clicked on, What you Gonna do about it? and after watching it,

I realized that what I was doing about it was “following my bliss”, writing a ritual morning page, and  posting it here online–intime.

The previous blog post, A Creative Individual A Daoist, presented a passage from Huxley’s The doors of perception, where a psyche transformation was induced by the drug mescaline, which led the author to a symbolic perception of the one reality. The perception of the one reality is a deep spiritual human quest that has many path ways and previously Chang writes the Dao De Jing offers a “methods of searching for the truth that have been handed down great sages of the past – the way of inner work.” I think McKenna, Huxley, and Leary’s experience and knowledge in using drugs like marijuana is something to consider, however, our direction in expanding consciousness is to understand both the eastern and western processes of thought  psychoanalytically. When McKenna says smoking cannabis interprets his dreaming, whatever he thinks he gains from the smoke is lost in not tracking he dreams. Another McKenna ritual in asking the I Jing a question on each full moon, we already are looking into this with our question on Obama Forward.

Finally, here is McKenna’s advice on how to use marijuana and then I think Pink Floyd’s – Run Like Hell is appropriate in remembrance of John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High.

If that run and mountain climb were not sufficient here is Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Following One’s Bliss to The Dark Side of the Moon

  1. sascherling6 says:

    Can following one’s bliss to the dark side of the moon involve the Shadow?

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