Living meaningfully?

Making an effort to understand one’s Shadow is the first step in Carl Jung’s analytical approach. One begins by observing aspects that one dislikes in another of the same sex – one projects these dark aspects of one’s Self unto others – so we begin our processes of growth by understanding our projections.

The second element in Jung’s therapy is to find meaning in one’s life.  “What is meaning in your life, Steven?”  I have been on the way of individuation, self-actualization all these many years, however, what can I definitively write of my understanding of this trek?  If this is true, that I have always been on this trek and have been writing, all that remains for my life to end happily is to now write one book, The Individuation of Steven Arvid. Yes, I can see it, all that really remains is to pull together what I have already written, polish it, and publish this book. Yes!

How to Stop Wasting Your Life – Carl Jung as Therapist

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